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    Walking through the End Game : Interesting facts every Avengers fan should know

    2019 is the year of excitements as many things are going to be revealed during the period, One of them would be how the Avengers will bring back half of the universe.

    After the release of first trailer fans all over the world started speculating their theories. Be it defeating a mad titan Thanos and bringing back every one or doubting the survival of the Captain America and Iron man.

    The first trailer shows Ironman drifting in space along with Nebula in the ship of Starlord. It shows they have been for a long time in space and are running out of food and water.

    Captain America is saying everyone has lost someone be it, friend or family. Everyone has lost a part of themselves. Still, there is no sign of Bruce Banner turning into The HULK.

    Thanos has went back to his home for farming we can see he has kept his suit as a scarecrow in the farm.

    The trailer has shown Jeremy Renner(Hawkeye) back in action, but there is a play Barton is seen with swords rather than arrows which depicts he has adopted the identity of Ronin. It is presumed that the infamous snap of Thanos might have wiped his family. Clint is suited up in black and gold, wielding katana blade on the streets of the rainy Japanese city.

    Somehow they have come up with a plan to bring back the wiped ones, cause Steve Rogers says ‘I don’t know what I would do if it doesn’t’ and we can see Natasha consolidating him.

    The trailer reveals that Ant-Man has found a way back from the quantum realm. There is a theory that Ant-Man would be having pivot role to play cause the theory says there would be time travelling event in the movie.

    People all over the world started tweeting to NASA for saving Tony Stark as he is drifting into space, and for the fans, NASA even replied to help by setting up a team if needed.

    As Tony Stark(Iron man)once said to Loki ‘If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we’ll avenge it.’ this saying is going to be true in the upcoming part of Avengers.

    Another Tv-Spot Video release by Marvel Entertainment shows divulging many things, where captain says ‘Some people move on but not us.’Here we can see Steve Rogers attending a meeting of grief group. Also Tony stark teaming up with Nebula building something out of scrape gives a nostalgia of Iron man One.

    Video also shows someone is arriving or leaving the earth as it is witnessed by Steve, Natasha, Banner and Rhodey. We can expect to arrive Iron man or captain marvel to earth or leaving of Thor and Rocket.

    The final thing is Captain takes back his shield which shows Avengers are back together or they don’t have any differences

    That will be all for Avengers till now. All we can do is wait for Gigantic event to happen on the earth, So suit up and let’s face the mighty Thanos together.

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