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    All about XUV300-Before Launch

    Mahindra is a name which reminds you of SUV car and as per the reputation, it’s all set to launch its new subcompact SUV car XUV300 today on 14th Feb.

    The car is launched to compete with rivals like Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza, Tata Nexon, Hyundai Creta and Ford Ecosport. Mahindra XUV 300 will be the third SUV in its subcompact SUV car family. The car is fully loaded with hi-tech features.


    • Mahindra will offer a 1.2L Petrol engine  and 1.4L Diesel engine in XUV300
    • The Compact SUV will be offered in four variants -W4, W6, W8 and W8(0).
    • The car will have 265-litre of boot space and Fuel tank of 42-litre


    Mahindra XUV300 have adapted the design and style of its parent XUV500. The design is said to be cheetah inspired which gives car large Boomerang shaped LED day time running lamps on both the ends. The car has received LED projector headlamps and LED taillamps which gives the car a sleek look. The cabin is also inspired by XUV500 but styling offered with dual tone light beige colour seats and black colour dashboard which gives the car a premium feel.

    Car dashboard is well equipped with a touch screen infotainment system which can possibly be equipped with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.XUV300 contains 7 air-bags which means it contains additional airbag if we compare with its rivals. The additional airbag is positioned down the leg space of the driver. It also provides First in class dual zone Fully automatic temperature control air conditioning system which means the user can set the different temperature on either side of the car. Also, XUV300 provides functionality which can memorize a list of temperature for a set of users. Speedometer also looks gorgeous providing access to change the colours of light.

    Under the hood, XUV300 can be equipped with both petrol and diesel engines.XUV300 will have 1.5L Diesel engine which produces 300 Nm of torque and 200 Nm torque for a 1.2L Petrol engine. Also car provides front car sensor which are first in the class features.



    After considering all the things provided i think car is fully loaded, will compete heavily with it’s rivals and the car is all set to create ideliable signature.


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