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    India lost to New Zealand in T20i series-5 Reasons why?

    India lost three matches T20i series to New Zealand which contains a match where India lost the match with 80 runs short on scoreboard leading to worst defeat ever in terms of score.
    Here are the top 5 reasons which lead team  India to defeat despite being one of the best in the cricketing world.
    1.Team Selection

    India entered into the match with only three full-time bowler lack of bowlers or selecting newbies like Khaleel Ahmed for the team. India could have opted for Kuldeep Yadav instead of one all-rounder.Umesh Yadav could have been a better option for pace when Bumrah and Shami are rested.
    2.Poor fielding
    Fielding always plays a crucial part in the match, tight fielding always restricts run.
    There were few catch drops, which you can’t afford that also against an A-Level team like New Zealand. No doubt there were some beautiful catches but when you are preparing for Worldcup you shouldn’t miss even a single catch.
    3.Middle order failure
    When the top order fails its middle order job to handle the innings. Let’s face it that from past few matches it’s been hard to find proper middle order. The batting line up was not up to the mark rather than going for Vijay Shankar as one down we could have opted for Dinesh Kartik or Dhoni.
    4.Bowling failure.
    Out of three matches, New Zealand managed to score 200 plus in two match which reveals the poor side of our bowling attack. Bhunvneshwar Kumar, who was leading the bowling attack also came out costly giving 47 runs in the first match while the Pandya brothers were found out to be expensive by paying out highest run in both match innings. Khaleel Ahmed has given 40+ runs being costly in losing matches. It was like our bowler conceded to NZ batsman.
    5.Importance to league teammates
    While bowling Captain opted for Kunal Pandya for bowling middle overs Rather than Chahal who has more experience in International cricket than former one which concludes captain leaning on league teammates.

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